Our consultancy Model was created Customer Oriented by analyzing complete loop of Criticality from customer to supplier by

  1. Collecting Voice of Customer to get Critical to Customer
  2. Analyze product/service to get Critical to Quality
  3. Analyze Process to get Critical to Process
  4. Analyze Inputs to get Critical to Inputs
  5. Define Suppliers Criteria to get Critical to Suppliers

In order to define “Internal& External” Customers’ needs and Assign accepted quality level required from each part of the process to build quality in the operations

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Our training model was created Process Oriented “team represents the Process” by analyzing gap between current and required

  1. Knowledge
  2. Skills
  3. Abilities

To create required Infrastructure for Process Improvement which can achieve & sustaifn Improvements


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Who Are You ?

Six Sigma School is a key player in Quality consulting and advisory services field

Serving Egypt, Middle East and Africa regions; bridging gaps between the local and international Quality approaches to help our clients to thrive in increasingly competitive markets where competitors simultaneously strive to improve market share, profits, cost, quality, speed, flexibility, and customer service.


“How to make profit from the present to face the future challenges”

This is the main idea of our School, the idea to invest the current time and power to face any unexpected challenges in the future.

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